What's your favourite book?

What's your favourite book?

What’s the best book you have read? 

Inevitably whenever I talk about this podcast, the question I get asked is what is your favorite book? Or “What book do you recommend? 

It’s the same question you would give anyone who reads fiction and in that case it is easy (it’s either Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet or Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, both of which I have read many times over) it’s the book that takes you away and entices you the most. 

With business books it is different and should always be answered by another question.

“What is it you want to get from it?” 

You see what I have learnt from reading and reviewing these books is, it doesn’t matter how much it draws you in it is what you get out of it. 

Big Ideas for Small Business came top of our list for Season one but is no good for someone looking to scale their business and sell it in a few years whereas Scale for Success would be perfect. Likewise Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni was our least favorite book of the series but if you are in a situation where you were struggling to address the elephant in the room to progress your business or a soft introduction to Business Books it could be perfect. 

Recommending a book of fiction is a matter of the heart, recommending a business book is a matter of the head. 

That being said, a dry Business Book is so difficult to wade through you may as well not bother recommending it in the first place. There have been a couple of books we have reviewed that I have not finished and will forever remain at 45% read on my kindle never to impart the life changing piece of information hidden at 52% through the book. Others though remain half read because the have inspired me so much I have had to stop reading because it has filled me with inspiration to do something, these are the ones I will recommend to others and will eventually finish. 

We all have our favorites and there have been books that have changed all three of us in different ways. You will have your own. Next time someone asks you though remember to ask what they want to get from reading it. Not only will you be able to help them get the right book for them but it will open up your conversation. 

Happy reading