How do you choose a book?

How do you choose a book?

How do you choose a book that will keep at least you and two other interested and at the same time make for a good discussion that others will want to listen to? 

Easy – Ask! 

The first book we read (Time management in 20 minutes a day by Reisem Hanna) was a book Lee had read before and found really useful. It was also a book that was quick and easy for a novice business book reader like me to pick up and learn from while we worked out if this podcast would work. The second book (How to Succeed with People by Paul McGee) was a book that had been recommended to me and had sat unread in my footstool ever since,, all I was looking for was an excuse. 

After that people started to recommend books to us or introducing us to authors of books, we read Scale for Success after Lee was introduced to Jan Cavelle and he was invited to her book launch (Unfortunately he couldn’t make it so I went instead but that is a whole other story). Other Authors like Ash Taylor found us through a website called which if you have an interview style podcast is definitely worth checking out whatever subject you talk about. 

It’s worth pausing at this point to point out we made a decision straight away that we would have to be 100% honest about the books we read and what we say about them, even if we are given the book by the author. It is a frank point I make to anyone approaching us, check out the podcast and make sure we are a good fit for you before we read your book. 

Occasionally I will post on our Facebook and Instagram pages a Sunday Book Club looking for recommendations from listeners and followers for the next book to read. It’s great to get feedback and recommendations in this way because if someone is recommending a business book it is because it has changed their life in some way and everybody loves talking about that. 

The next time you are looking for a business book and you don’t know which one to get.. Just Ask! 

Happy Reading