How did we get started?

How did we get started?

Somethings are planned, some things are ordained and some things come about by a silly idea and an opportunity. 

Lee, James and I all knew each other for a couple of years through networking in Torbay and South Devon, we were friendly but I wouldn’t have called us mates. James and I had worked together a few years ago on TorbayHour, a local networking business which was always bigger than it ever had any right to be and Lee was smashing that out of the park by running Your Partnerships a Networking company that was going worldwide. 

As part of Your Partnerships Lee ran a podcast where he interviewed interesting people he was connected to, somehow (he must have run out of interesting people) he asked me to come on. On the one hand I wasn’t sure what I could add, a wage slave who had never run a business in my life, on the other, I had been desperate to do a podcast for about 10 years! 

After we had recorded, I immediately said to him “If ever you feel like doing another podcast let me know” I’d had so much fun doing it I immediately wanted my own. Lee at the time was one to never turn down an offer so suggested if I come up with the concept he would be up for another podcast. 

All I needed now was an idea.

Business Books came about because I knew that Lee was a reader of them and while they had never really appealed to me I was a keen reader of fiction and figured I could give it a try. There was something nagging me though that we needed someone else, a conversation with two people is fine but I always preferred a podcast where a third input could change the direction of a chat. 

James was the first name on both of our lips, frankly he has a big network of friends and business connections (That I am forever trying to tap into) and would say yes to anything, it helps that we both get on with him. 

It took weeks to get the first recording organised, trying to tie down two of the busiest people in Devon at the time was tricky to say the least, that and the dance people do around each other at the start of a new project. Eventually a date was set and we got it done. 

That first episode sounds awful listening back to it, yet as it remains the highest listened to episode we have recorded I always wonder how many people we lost as a result. I sometimes find myself wanting to add a recording to the beginning of it saying “Please stick with us for episode 2, it gets better!” but I like seeing the growth so leave it. What was evident though is that we immediately clicked into our roles and the banter was natural between us – I was hooked. 

Episode 2 sounds so much better for 1 very good reason – Matt took pity on us and offered to help. It’s through him we found a way to record more professionally and have all the intros and outros (That’s my very nervous Daughter that introduces us, she hates listening to it and runs out of the room whenever it comes on). 

Once Maggie from Frankman design came along and sorted out our branding we were really starting to look the part. Our Team was complete. 

If you are looking to start a podcast but don’t know where to begin, start with an idea and a friend then find your own voice. I can genuinely say that doing this has taught me so much about myself and business, it’s a great way to learn. More importantly it has gained me 4 great friendships with amazing people that will be in my life forever.